An Ownership Transition

For entrepreneurs that cherish their legacy and want to make sure their people are in good hands before they step into their next chapter

What We're Looking For


Owner values their legacy and employees

An existing team that manages day-to-day operations

Key personnel will stay after the company transitions


B2B Services, Manufacturing or SaaS

Outstanding customer service and employees

Differentiated product, service, or experience

Low customer churn


~$2-7M pre-tax annual profit or at least $3-6M ARR for subscription software

History of profitable growth and high ratio of recurring sales

20%+ net profit margin

3+ years of tax returns

Low customer concentration (top 5 customers are less than 1/3 sales)

There is no 'perfect' business, but we're looking for the 'right' business with an owner with similar values that we're suited to do right by in its next chapter

A Collaborative Approach to Ownership Transition

We know how important trust is during this process, and that's why our approach is guided by these principles:

Understanding Your Story

We'll take the time to learn about your business, its history, and your values. This ensures we honor your legacy and maintain your vision.

Transparent Communication

We'll be open and honest with you every step of the way, keeping you informed and involved in the process.

Empathetic Negotiation

Our negotiations prioritize fairness and mutual understanding, aiming for a winning outcome for all stakeholders.

Employee Commitment

We recognize the value of your team and pledge to treat them with the same respect and care you've shown them over the years.

Long-Term Growth

We'll ensure your business continues to grow and evolve while staying true to its core values.

Choose us for seamless, trust-based ownership transition that honors your life's work and sets the stage for a prosperous future. Let's build your legacy together.

The Elm Tree Capital Difference

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Post-transaction Commitment
Your company will be the full time focus
Your company will become one of many portfolio companies
Your company will become one of many business units
Grow the business, honor your legacy
Maximize returns for investors
Cut costs and achieve synergies
Company Legacy
Your core values live on, your people remain a top priority
Cost cutting could imply changes to suppliers, customers, and employees
Integration with larger companies will mean a big shift to your employees, suppliers and customers
Employee's Future
Will be part of the company's future success
High risk of job cuts
High risk of job cuts
Experienced, humble, and hungry entrepreneurs and investors
Professional investors who typically outsource operations
Deal Terms
Flexible, reasonable, and tailored to the owner and what is best for the company's growth
Inflexible, uses standard terms established by the fund. Will usually be higher than our offer
The least flexible, tailored towards the needs of the acquiring company
Operating Time-Horizon
< 5 years

The Process

1. Exploration

(15-30 days)

Explore the opportunity and see if it is a good fit for both parties

We provide the 1st information request list and preliminary fair market value range

We submit an expression of interest to you

You decide if we move forward

2. Letter of Intent

(30-60 days)

We provide the 2nd information request list

We submit to you a letter of intent with key agreed upon deal terms clearly outlined

You decide if we move forward

3. Diligence and Close

(60-180 days)

We provide the 3rd and final major information request list

We complete our due diligence

Finalize purchase documents

We sign documents and you are paid

About Us

Elm Trees embody strong roots, rapid growth, adaptation to surrounding environments, resiliency, and consistency (can live up to 300 years). We are looking for a business that has a strong foundation we can lead to the next stage of sustainable growth.

Elm Tree Capital Partners

Elm Tree Capital Partners is a search fund with the focus of providing a unique and attractive solution for owners to unlock the wealth they have created by experiencing a liquidity event and stepping back from the day-to-day operations. We provide a transition to new, talented, responsible and committed senior management focused on maintaining the legacy of the organization, taking care of the existing employees, customers and partners and continuing the success of the business.

We are not a private equity firm. Elm Tree Capital Partners is a privately held partnership of seasoned executives, operators, entrepreneurs and investors with a successful track record for operating and growing great businesses across a diverse set of industries by giving the necessary hands-on resources to help these businesses reach their maximum potential.

It’s also a nod to a core belief: that growing a business is a multi-generational journey, and many years of hard work and sacrifice are necessary before success can be ultimately achieved.

Mark Yingling, Founder and Managing Partner

Mark grew up in the surrounding area of Chicago, IL. As a native to the Midwest, a ‘people first’ mindset has been instilled in him and comes naturally. He thrives in the intersection between people and business, which helps make him a driven, empathetic, and passionate leader. Mark’s goal is to own and grow a business that benefits all stakeholders. 

Meet the partners

Elm Tree Capital Partners is supported by entrepreneurs and operators with experience scaling great businesses.

They provide capital, mentorship, and resources to Mark.

Institutional + family office partners

entrepreneur + Ceo partners

Andy Love
Behavioral Health Group
Mark Anderegg
Little Sprouts
Lacey Wismer
Hunter Search Capital
Badge Stone
Stone Pump and Trench
Dustin Sellers
ProService Hawaii
Bruce Moszcelt
Mark Maybee
NWS Technologies
Blake Macleod
Waves Gear & Kawartha Outdoor
Kevin Brady
Newbury Franklin
Tom Cassutt
American Security Products
David Lazier
Nelson Nameplate Company
Trevor Lwin
Kenneth O'Donell Jr
Dupre Energy Services
Brian O'Connor
NextGen Growth Partners

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